About Us

We are the East Gippsland Branch of the Sporting Shooters Association Australia (SSAA).

About SSAA Victoria

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (Victoria) was incorporated as a public company on October 1, 1973. We exist to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners’ interests.

With more than 34,000 members, SSAA Victoria is a leading body representing licensed firearm owners in Victoria. SSAA Victoria has more than a dozen branches and more than 30 sub-clubs and disciplines within the organisation.

Aims and objectives:

  • To promote and encourage competitive target shooting and practice shooting, with a view to developing proficient and safe use of firearms.
  • To promote and encourage ethical hunting and field shooting, and related ancillary activities.
  • To promote and advocate game and fauna conservation and to promote a better understanding between members, land-holders, regulatory bodies, other interest groups and the general public.
  • To promote and advocate the rights of firearms owners to legislative and regulatory bodies, and to the general public.
  • To promote country centres throughout the state of Victoria for the purposes of carrying out any of the objectives of the company.